Established in 1950, NAAVA is a family business, now led by the third generation of diamond master crafters. We continue to create jewellery pieces that are distinctively rooted in tradition, with craftsmanship and excellence.

NAAVA produces only the finest certified diamond jewellery, hand-finished in the UK and thoroughly examined to ensure that all pieces meet our high quality standards.

We are proud to be partnered with companies such The Kimberley Process (a process by which diamonds are approved as sourced and mined ethically and ‘conflict-free,’) as well as Bureau Veritas, who have high technical and ethical standards to meet throughout the process from design, to mining, sourcing and workers rights.


All NAAVA diamonds are sourced from ethically responsible mines – ensuring that all our jewellery can be traced back to its reliable source.


Each item is thoroughly inspected for imperfections, before being packed with care.


NAAVA collections are tested to confirm the platinum and gold are genuine and are hallmarked according to the UK law.


A certificate of authenticity is included with each item purchased, which is validated by a qualified gemmologist.